“NAPLES ROD and REEL REPAIR” is your one stop shop for all your repair needs,  fishing tackle, LIVE and frozen bait! We also have many sizes of rod tips in stock for immediate replacements so your fishing day is not ruined.

Located at 550 Port-O-Call Way in Capt. Pete’s Bait and Tackle, where you can drop off and then pick-up your prized rods or reels.

Capt. Pete’s  (239) 643-4466

Capt. Eric     (239) 290-0532

What We Do

  • Clean and lube reels
  • Repair most types and brands of reels
  • Replace broken eyelets
  • Replace broken rod tips
  • Build custom rods
  • Sell all types of tackle
  • Sell all types of bait
  • Sell live bait
  • Give fishing advice
  • Tell fish stories

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