About Us

To all of you we would like you to know that we want to be your ONE STOP TACKLE AND REPAIR SHOP (JUST LIKE NAPLES SPORTING GOODS USED TO BE BEFORE 5TH AVE PRICES RAN THEM OUT OF BUSINESS). There is nothing better then meeting the men or man that’s doing your repair. It’s small but AC is on. Come visit just to get to know us!

We build custom rods to order, we repair almost any type of rod or reel. We do however reserve the right to not attempt repairs on items we deem DOA!

All reel repairs will be done by Captain Eric Alexander, who’s 27 years of professional charter fishing have seen him repair every sort of reel from small spinning and casting reels to large conventional reels, like PENN INTERNATIONALS. Be assured that when Capt. Eric takes your rods or reels there in good hands. He will strive to save your equipment but will also tell you when to save your money!

Just a small reminder that no one in  Naples is doing in store repairs . We are! COME SEE US!

If you’d like to meet Capt. Eric always call ahead. Or just call me #s below.


Capt. Eric  (239) 290-0532

Capt. Pete’s (239) 643-4466