The end of summer is coming soon and we’d like to invite all of you to our “END OF SUMMER SALE” the date will be set with in the next few days and will run for a three day period (Friday-Sunday).

Items that may draw your attention will be used charter boat gear at unbelievably low prices, all stock items will be marked at the lowest prices possible for us to stay in business. Brand new rod and reel combos that only WalMart can come close to(and you know no one at WalMart can answer the first question you may have). So come on down to Capt. Pete’s Bait and Tackle, anytime and mention you read this on line and we’ll give you an extra 5% off!


I’ve been working on a rod for many years that can handle the daily rigors of Goliath Grouper fishing! I’ve broken many many types in my endeavors. I believe that I’ve found the rod that can handle this massive fish so common to our waters. I’ve found a 7’3″ solid fiberglass blank that has an unlimited rating, this does not mean it can’t break but if it does you’d better be standing clear. Any rod can brake if handled improperly but used as should be this rod will last a lifetime! This rod also will be as good a shark rod as possible!

We’ve incorporated the strongest eyelets, double wrapped and coated, aftco roller tip, heavy duty reel seat and aluminum gimbal butt. We build these one at a time with no short cuts, solid arbors under reel seat and gimbal butt, the best epoxies and coatings. Come on down to see one, two of our busiest charter boats have them in use, just call ahead and we’ll make sure when one will be there. Also we are starting on one next Monday the 26th of Aug. Give me a call.

Capt. Eric

(239) 290-0532